Glasgow designer launches solar powered headphones

Alan O'Doherty
July 9, 2013

Scottish designer Andrew Anderson has unveiled a prototype set of headphones that he claims can harness energy to charge mobile devices. By placing a solar strip across the headband the headphones are able to harness 0.55 watts of power which can then be stored in two lithium batteries concealed in the earpieces. The headphones can then charge the device they are plugged into while it plays.

The ‘OnBeat’ headphones were launched on crowdfunding site Kickstarter and Anderson hopes to make them commercially available by 2014.

In an interview Anderson explained that there were still improvements to be made to the headphones, addressing issues such as noise cancellation and improving design.

Anderson joins other Kickstarter entrepreneurs who are exploring the potential for green methods of charging mobile devices. Solepower are developing an insole capable of charging an iPhone after 2.5 – 5 miles of walking

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