FreeLoader Classic harnesses full power of the sun

Jonathan Morris
March 4, 2011

Solar Technology International has released the FreeLoader Classic solar charger that boasts being able to fully charge its internal battery in eight hours, giving plenty of juice to top up your mobile device when miles from a power source.

And when there’s not enough sun, you can also top up the battery using a traditional USB cable from a PC or mains charger – ready to charge your phone when you’re out again.

With a 1,200mAh internal battery, a fully charged battery is enough to charge many devices to near full capacity. With a folding design (which, when open, exposes two large solar panels), it’s the ideal accessory to pop in your rucksack or pocket.

An internal LCD display panel shows how much power you have, and shows when it is receiving power – either from the sun or a power source. An optional ‘Supercharger’ can also be purchased to get even more energy from the sun, attaching to the outside of a rucksack or on a bike.

The FreeLoader Classic retails at £39.99 and can be found at Solar Technology International and online retailers including It comes with a range of tips, including micro and mini-USB, plus connectors for a range of other mobile phones and the Nintendo DS and variants. It weighs 124g.

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