Etymotic brings high fidelity hf2 to iPhone

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April 23, 2009

Etymotic has released its latest noise isolating, high-fidelity headphones, aimed directly at iPhones and iPods.

Using the regular 3.5mm jack, the hf2 headset contains a microphone and music controls so it can be used as a handsfree kit. It has also been certified to be compatible with Apple products.

Etymotic claim the headset provides “concert-hall fidelity” and the hf2 custom*fit includes a voucher to redeem custom-made silicone earpieces from ACS.

Available at 300 outlets, a 15 minute appointment will allow a customer to get their own bespoke ear pieces delivered within a few weeks.

Etymotic claim the headphones will work with other products although they do not guarantee full functionality. They will be available from April 28.


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