Review: Wireless Charger by Advanced Accessories

Stephen Watson
September 20, 2019

Available from Amazon For £9.99

Advanced Accessories is sub-brand of Accessory Distributor and Manufacture Mr Mobile.  In this review, they have sent over there wireless charger for us to test. 

First impressions its a basic looking packaging but its does what it says on the tin and shows you the charger what more do you need.  Inside the packaging, you get 4 things the charger, Micro USB Cable, User Manual and an Advanced Accessory bit of branding. 

Now, this wireless charger is not wireless as such as you have to plug the micro USB cable inside the charger and then you can run it into your PC or into a USB enabled plug. This is not a game-changer as the wireless part comes when you actually place your phone on the charger disk and bingo its wireless charging.

The charger is compatible with and phone that has Qi charging as standard so for these people with a relatively new iPhone or Android you will be fine. Unfortunately, if you are a OnePlus user you don’t have QI charging option.  

This charger also has a LED built-in and when plugged in it will have a standard red LED when not in use when you are using the charger the LED will change to a solid Blue light. I like this as it indicates when your phone is on a charge. The charger gives an output 10w and I was perfectly happy this as it did charge my phone up in a decent timescale.

This charger is ideal for someone who did not want to spend a lot of money but wanted a quality product that does exactly what you want it to and that charges your phone. The LED is a bonus as you know 100% when your phone on charge. 

Available from Amazon For £9.99

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