Review: Skullcandy Method ANC wireless earbuds

Stephen Watson
December 3, 2019

The Skullcandy Method ANC costs £89.99 via

The latest in the Skullcandy range we have been given is the Method ANC which is the earbud-style that has a cable that runs from both buds and into an in-line remote control. Most importantly these buds use ANC technology to cut out unwanted outside noise. They cost £89.99 and come in two colours black and deep red so let’s see if they are worth buying ahead of this Christmas Season and January when everyone hits the gym. 

They are slim in design and the bud in connected to a pill-shaped back that sits outside the ear.

The earpieces are connected by an in-line remote control that controls the volume, track control and the multi-function button also allows to take calls due to the inline microphone. There is also a built-in Tile tracker to find your headphones if you ever misplace them.

I recently gave these to my girlfriend’s sister who struggles to find good earphones that fit in her ears. The Skullcandy Method ANC proved to be a good fit due to the FitFin ear gels that helped keep the earphones in here ears either when she rocking out or even working out in the gym.

Speaking of working in the gym these earphones have also got IPX4 rating meaning they sweat and water-resistant being ideal for a solid workout in the gym.

Take these off to have a chat with your PT in the gym, not a problem as they have built-in magnets on the back of the buds so when they hang around your neck they will connect to each other preventing them falling off.

The Audio performance of these earphones is ok for the price its not going to blow you away but it does do a decent job.  When listening to something like Scouting for girls- The Airplane Song on Tidal Music. The highs are sharp and well balanced. The low-end comes in deep and profound giving just the right level of bass without the track sounding muffled.  However, It’s the mids that let these buds down they sound a little flat in places.

Moving on to the USP of these earphones is the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and the performance of these are good. When using these on my commute to work or even at the gym that can be quite noisy at times. The ANC on the Methods did very well I would say it cut out 90% of the outside noise allowing me to enjoy my music without any distractions.

Finally, we move on to the battery life and the Method ANC gave me a solid 6 hours of use which is great for the trip to work as I used these all week without the need to charge and also used them in the gym after work and they did the business. If you’re looking to headphones/earphones for longer then 6 hours at any one time then you need to shop around. If you’re like me that using these on the train and the gym ticks your boxes then you have a decent pair to enjoy good music or listen to that podcast. When that time comes and you do need to charge Skullcandy have provided rapid charge meaning it will take about 1 hour to get that full 6-hour playtime.

So to summarize, Skullcandy has done a good job on upgrading the Method earphones, Yes they have still been designed for fitness in mind but with the added addition of ANC, Magnets on the buds, IPX4 rating and a balanced sound even if the mids let them down a bit it’s overall a good sound.

The ANC has really made these earphones an improvement from the last version of the methods. At £89.99 these are well worth considering for the fitness fan who loves music while working out.

The Skullcandy Method ANC costs £89.99 via

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