Review: Sandisk IXpand Flash Drive 32GB for Apple Devices

Stephen Watson
October 17, 2019

The Sandisk IXpand Flash Drive 32GB currently available for £28.69

Storage is such a bonus for us all when using our phones and if you’re like me you have a lot of videos and pictures stored on your phone you might always be stressing about space. We stress no more as SanDisk has the answer.  The Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive is the answer us IOS users have been looking for if you question the clouds storage safety.

Now this device is only for Apple devices but don’t panic android users as SanDisk has the Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type- C for you.

Anyway back to the iXpand Flash Drive, this comes in five different versions in regards to the storage size requirement: 

  • 16GB
  • 32GB
  • 64GB
  • 128 GB
  • 256 GB

Prices range from £26 to £94 via the SanDisk website.

In this review we had the 32GB version design-wise I like the iXpand it’s not a massive device meaning you can use this on the go without the risk of it falling out. The device has 2 connections points at one end it’s USB-A which is perfect for use in a PC/laptop.and the other side is a lightning connector which is ideal for IOS devices. 

You will notice the lighting part of this device is made of rubber and has a key loop design when you place it into your phone or Ipad the design of the drive almost hugs your device meaning its less likely to fall out this is a great design idea from SanDisk. 

Now moving on to using this device you need to download the Sandisk iXpand Drive App on your iPhone or iPad as this is the app that allows you to view all your files may it be films or pictures. When your first plug in the flash drive you get the standard Apple notification asking if you trust this device allows click trust. Once you have done that open the app and from there you can view your films or pictures.

In regards to films you can access the following file types: MKV, AVI, MP4, M4V and if your accessing pictures its the normal Jpeg & PNG files.

Going back to the films the app allows you to watch from within which is great ideal and even comes with a widescreen option for that full film enjoyment. My only negative is the scroll bar it can be a little tricky to use as it does not appear like a normal scroll bar would when watching a clip. 

As for downloading files from your computer to the device it’s a simple drag and drop and takes seconds to do.  The unique selling point for me (USP) is you have an access volt which is only accessed via a password meaning you can store private films or images that you may not want your kids to access to. I do this with 18 films as I do not want my kids to see them when using the device to access a film they want to see. 

The only negative with this is you can only do this via the app and not when moving films for an example from your PC. To move a file you have to select it in the app then move it to the access volt this will take a bit of time but unfortunately you can’t do anything about that. So go make a cup of tea when moving files. This device as expected does not have a power supply and takes its power from your device so expect the battery to take a bit of a beating.  

Apart from that its a great device with a variety of different storage options available to buy. I like the design of the key loop design as it prevents damage as it basically hugs your device it also has a little bit of give in the design so you can use it even with a phone or Ipad case. In this case, I had the 32GB version that is £28.69 via Amazon and its worth the money simply for the fact with 1GB of storage that is a lot of films I have about 30 on the device currently and its great.

Well worth the money in my opinion and with Christmas coming I will be using this to back up my images as well the free space ready for the festive pictures. The only thing that stopped a 5-star review is you cant put files into the access volt directly from your PC otherwise its faultless.

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