Review: Rocketbook Fusion – A notebook for the 21st century

Stephen Watson
December 16, 2019

In the last year, I have been introduced to a whole new way of making notes in the shape of the Rocketbook. Up until I was introduced to what Rocketbook does I was like most of use and had post-it notes.  In this review, we have been using the Rocketbook Fusion which is the upgrade on the Rocketbook Everlast. 

The fusion just like the everlast takes a normal notepad and takes it to a whole new level and allows both physical and digital note-taking. This is an ideal product for anyone who uses a notepad to organize and plan.

In our previous review, we mentioned there a range available and that is still the case. You have the following:

Rocketbook Everlast – £32.99

Rocketbook Everlast Mini- £15.99

Plus the Rocketbook Fusion we are reviewing that costs £36.99. The Fusion still using the main reason you buy this is to make notes and erase when you don’t need the notes anymore. 

Just like the Everlast the Fusion gives you a pilot FriXion pen and a microfiber cloth to erase the page. The Fusion also provides the chance to make your notes digital using the app that allows you to scan the page and depending on the mark at the bottom of the page it will automatically send’s your notes as either an image or PDF to the storage portal of your choice such as:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Onenote
  • Slack
  • Google Photos
  • Icloud 
  • Evernote
  • Onedrive
  • Or even SMS 

The fusion still uses these methods but how is it any different to the Everlast we have reviewed in the past? The Fusion gives us not only the Lined pages for notes or journal entries. We also have a dot grid for sketches but they also provide us with a planner that gives us a project page where you can make a list of tasks that need doing and also when its due.

You also have a 14-day planner over 2 pages.

There is also a month planner over one page and another project planning page.

This product is very good but unfortunately, some of the old problems still exist like it still takes time once you have wiped the page clean it still takes time to dry. Also, the glossy paper might still put some people off as it can be a little slippery when writing. I also found a problem I had last time still exists you have to use the Pilot FriXion pen and as a left-hander, I found smudging on the page was a risk as to the ink does take time to dry compared to when I use a ballpoint pen on normal paper.  

Overall, the Rocketbook Fusion is a step up from there last attempt but this time it offers preset pages to offer extra productivity such as a calendar and a project plan. I also like the fact you have a mix of the lined pages and dot pages to allow you to use this book for a wide range of purposes. 

However, my one issue is could you create something to help these left-handed customers and prevent smugging. That aside, you also have a bundling feature where you can group your pages into one file in the app making this device very useful for someone planning multiple events/projects.

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