Review: Jam Audio Live Loud

Stephen Watson
November 10, 2019

The Jam Audio Live Loud available for £49.99 via Jam Audio

Jam Audio has introduced it’s budget-friendly true wireless earbuds the Live Loud that costs £49.99 so they fall into the budget price range for a pair of earbuds. These buds come with a compact charging case that gives you 12 hours of charge, in addition, the 3 hours of playtime the buds come with. 

Design-wise these buds are an affordable design that are made of plastic as you might expect and comes with 3 pairs of silicone buds and USB-C charge cable in the packaging along with some advertising cards and the quickstart guide. 

As mentioned the buds are made of plastic and comes with a pebble-sized charge case also made of plastic that is perfect for slipping into your pocket when on the move. Inside the case, you have two magnets that hold the buds in the case. Branding wise you will see the Jam logo on the front of the case and also on the multi-function buttons on each of the buds. The buds are also IPX4 rated meaning they are water/ sweat resistant meaning a hard workout in the gym and these will be fine and with the winter weather coming if it’s raining these buds will continue pumping out your top tunes.  

The buds only come in black and the ergonomic design of the buds create an isolating fit without the need of ANC which keeps the ambient noise to a minimum which helps the sound quality. The buds both have a multi-function that allows you to do the following: 

  • Play/Pause
  • Track Control
  • Call control
  • Smart Assistant

You will notice one key function is missing and that is the volume but with the ability to tap the multi-function button and you can activate your smart assistant and with this review that was Siri as I use iPhone X for the review.

Sound-wise you have to consider these are budget earbuds so no point trying to compare these to your Jabra Elite 65T as they are miles apart on the price, build and sound quality.  However, the Live Loud buds do have a decent sound profile for the price. Listening so the Greatest Showman soundtrack these have a booming bass with crisp highs and clear mids allowing for crystal clear vocals coming right to your ear. I was impressed with the sound quality considering the price.

So overall these buds are not a bad option for someone on a budget the sound quality was quite good although the 1More Stylish true wireless buds that are slightly more expensive at £68 from Amazon. The level of playtime at 3 hours per charge is a little low comparing to other buds in the range but for the everyday commute and the odd trip to the gym, these buds did exactly what I wanted. My only slight issue is the fact these buds don’t have the volume controls built-in which might put some people off.  However, with Bluetooth connectivity and IPX4 rating and up to 12 hours of use, these are a great pair of buds for someone on a budget.

The Jam Audio Live Loud available for £49.99 via Jam Audio

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