Review: Jam Audio – Hang Up Speaker

Stephen Watson
November 5, 2019

With a wide range of speakers out there if you’re going to stand out from the crowd what do you do? 

Well, Jam Audio seem to think they have the answer a speaker perfect for the bathroom, in fact, you can have it in the shower with you just stick it on the wall and bingo you can sing to your heart’s content.  The Jam audio speaker that comes with an adhesive pad that sticks to a tiled surface so you can listen to music or even take a call in the shower. The Jam Audio Hang Up costs £14.99 and comes in the below different designs.

So for £15, you have to keep your expectations quite low and if you do that the hang up will be the ideal speaker for your needs. So we have been given the blue speaker and inside the packaging, you will see the speaker and the Micro-USB cable that is built in around the side of the speaker which is ideal as it prevents loss of the charging cable.

Design-wise this speaker is of durable design and is shock-resistant and IP67 rated which means its dust and water resistance. The speaker has a plastic body and the speaker is covered in fabric for protection and then on the side of the speaker, you have a Jam branded fabric hook so you can hang the speaker up if you wish.  

On the other side of the speaker, you will see 3 buttons a raised circle, raised vertical line and a raised cross. These buttons are for the playback and volume as well as track control and that multi-function it also allows you to take a call as the speaker has a built-in microphone. However, as good a feature that is the sound quality when taking a call is not as ideal as you might expect as the background noise will be affected due to rushing water.  

I now have a rant if you are a person who feels they need to take a call in your birthday suit in a shower you need a talking to.

Coming back to the speaker design I mentioned the speaker has a micro USB cable that is done via a neat inlet that houses the cable. 

Not only that you do also have a rubber cover that if you lift it shows the Micro USB port and 3.5mm jack port. However, you are not given a 3.5 mm cable.  

On the base of the speaker, you have a pliable flap made of silicone that revels the adhesive pad which you can stick on to a flat tiled surface. My issues with this is when you need to take the speaker off the wall to charge it after a couple of times the pad stops being sticky. However, you can buy adhesive pads if you wish.

Battery life gives you eight hours which should last a good couple of weeks as am never in the shower for longer than 10/15 mins at a time. When you need to charge the speaker it will take about 2 hours to charge which was a bit disappointing as I have tested speakers at this price range and they have charged quicker. Moving on to the Bluetooth connectivity you get a 100ft radius which I was very happy with and means I can leave my phone in a different room and still listen to great music and fine-tune my X-factor audition.

Moving on to the important aspect the sound and the hang-up speaker does not sound that great as when your showering it becomes a bit more mid-centric and the detail becomes masked and lacks clarity when it comes to lows and mids. The highs on this speaker are not to bad when you consider the price. However, for me, this speaker costs £15 and provides the soundtracks to all my favourite music allowing me to sing in the shower so having a detailed sound provide is not important to me but you still get a decent sound for the price. 

So overall, Is this speaker worth buying the answer is YES! If you want a speaker in the shower that can take a bump and can also cope with water landing on it the hang-up speaker is ideal for you as its also well built and for a cheap £15 speaker that has an adhesive pad so you can hang this on the wall. Its not the best sounding speaker for the educated ear on the market but if you love to sing in the shower this speaker is perfect and does sound great for the average consumer and well worth the money.

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