Review: Jabra Elite 75t – Your new favourite earbuds?

Stephen Watson
November 28, 2019

Jabra Elite 75t available from John Lewis for £169.99

Finally, my favourite earbuds the Jabra Elite 65t’s have had an upgrade welcome the Jabra Elite 75t but will they be as good as there predecessor.

So the Jabra Elite 75t will cost you £169.99 from John Lewis but if you shop around especially with Black Friday on its way you might find a deal. The Jabra Elite 75t has not been out long and I have had them for an about 2 weeks now putting them through their paces.

Just like the elite 65t Jabra have continued to bring comfort as well as sound quality as the top of the list and they have made the 75t even more comfortable. You will notice right away everything been made smaller the buds are smaller as well as the charge case making them easier to slip in your pocket when not in use and when you have them in your ears they are much smaller than the 65t adding to the comfort level as you do not want to much pressure inside your ear canal. 

They are very light in the ear so much so you tend to forget anything is in your ears. This is especially good when using them in the gym as having weighty buds can sometimes being annoying and could be a reason why I enjoyed the 65t so much as they are very lightweight.

Improvements that Jabra have made apart from the reduction in size and the sound quality which I will discuss later is the charging case. They have added a magnetic seal and also made the buds magnetically latched meaning if they did come open in your bag or coat they would not fall out. I have tried to shake these out of the case and trust me it won’t happen.

Another improvement is Jabra have moved away from micro-USB and listened to what the customers want and gone for USB-C which is a more popular options. The charging port is positioned on the front of the case like below. 

Design-wise Jabra has stayed with the same button for making commands to your smart assistant for example and you will notice when clicking that button it will not hurt your ears. The commands on these buds can be done by multiple clicks on the buds.  One-click on the left bud and you bring up the HearThough setting making it easy when you want to have your bearings when listening out for a train announcement. Tap twice and you go to the next track and tap three times and you go back a track. On the right bud, you have the following controls – Play/Pause, and voice assistant.  A bonus this year is the 75t also offer volume control which lots of other buds do not offer. 

Another improvement is that you can use the right bud alone and this gives you a mono sound profile. I like this feature for being at work as I will be able to hear the craziness of the office but also have some call tunes playing or that favourite podcast.

The Elite 75t are also IP55 rated meaning they are not just water-resistant but also dust resistant meaning using them in the gym no problems and with them being dust-resistant they will last for a long time. This is proven as the Elite 65t are the same and I still use mine today.

The Jabra Elite 75t also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 meaning you hardly ever get a cut out of signal and in fact, I had zero interruptions even at the hotbed of Bluetooth issues London Liverpool St station.

The Battery life on the elite 75t last nearly 8 hours on a full and the charging case gives you 2 full charges totalling 28 hours. This is an improvement on the 65t which only give you 5 hours on a full charge and only 10 hours additional hours coming from the case giving you 15 in total. 

You also get quick charging so 15 min charge on the case gives you an hours use if you need a quick burst of power. 

Moving on to the sound quality of the elite 75t and as expected it was joy as expected the bass is deep and a plus to the bass fans among us. 

When listening to music that comes with a pronounced low-ends the deep bass is just a joy. When listening to music the Jabra’s Sound + App really does help you set the sound profile to suit your needs known as moments such as:

  • Speech
  • Bass Boost
  • Treble Boost
  • Smooth
  • Energize 

In this review, I used the Bass Boost and Energize settings which I very much enjoy. The Jabra Sound + App shows you a graph like above that allows you to change every part just drag each little white ball up and down and the equalizer lets you fine-tune your sound. The app also has a Find My Jabra feature that uses your phones GPS to pinpoint the last spot you had them. Handy for when you misplaced them in the house of office. Am not so sure if you left them outside somewhere personally I have not tried that and question why you would not have these buds in anytime you were out.

The App also gives you an indication of the battery life in the buds and the case. It’s a shame the case does not have any LED indicating battery life but the app gives you that information so no big deal.

Once you have had a play am sure you will get the perfect setting and you can even customize the settings yourself if you want.  After you have had a play am sure you will get the perfect setting and you can even customize the settings yourself if you want. Once you have the best setting just crank up that Aerosmith album and just rock out.  With the improvement to the design, the buds really fit in your ears so when rocking out they won’t fall out – Trust me I have tried!

Jabra Elite 75t also provide the option to take calls and like the 65t’s and other Jabra products the call quality is on point.  They do this with the 4 built-in mics two on each bud that helps enhance the quality and adjusts in the environment your in to make taking calls very easy it also uses the HearThrough mode on the Jabra Sound + app.

Unfortunately, we have a negative with the elite 75t’s they have no ANC and I did find this to be annoying when travelling on the tube I could hear everything. Now Jabra mention you have near-total noise isolation I have to disagree. However, turn off the HearThrough option and some of the outside noise is removed but for the cost, I was disappointed.

Overall, does the Jabra Elite 75t make me smile I would say YES.

Jabra has made a ton of improvements such as the reduction of size to the buds and the case plus the build quality is just fantastic.  We also have an increase in battery life and the fact you have the Jabra Sound + app also allows you to change the EQ and level of the bass. We also have the chance to increase volume #Gamechanger! 

The controls are very easy to use and the sound quality is ace just like the 65t’s became my favourite buds of last year! I may have just replaced them with the brand new elite 75t. Could Jabra improve yes give me ANC, please? 

So if you love the deep base and a quality sound profile the Elite 75t are to be considered plus with the way they are made the size fits perfectly.

Jabra Elite 75t available from John Lewis for £169.99

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