Review: Cubelets Curiosity Set

Stephen Watson
April 27, 2019

Recently we reviewed our first product from the guys at Cubelets and I have to say they are great and gives children the chance to design some very cool designs and allows adults and children alike to create and learn.  

We have been very lucky to have been had a chance to review the Cubelets curiosity set which costs $249.95 (£191)  and is available from

Cubelets are in my option takes a Lego fan like my two sons (14 & 12 years old) the chance to learn and create and they loved these. My eldest son has multiple learning difficulties and to see him not only enjoy playing with these but actually learn while coming up with the multiple combinations he could make brought a tear of joy to my eyes. However, they really are for anyone with enjoyment in robotics and creativity.

So what Cubelets has done with the curiosity set is bring together the 10 best selling cubelets and also introduce a Bluetooth hat allowing you to connect with the cubelets app. You also have to two brick adapters allowing you to bring in some of these wonderful Lego creations my sons have created.

In the set you have the following cubelets:

1 Battery Cubelet

1 Brightness Cubelet

1 Flashlight Cubelet

1 Inverse Cubelet

1 Passive Cubelet

1 Rotate Cubelet

2 Distance Cubelets

2 Drive Cubelets

You also get  1 Bluetooth Hat, 2 Brick Adapters and a USB charging cable

What makes the difference with this set is the Bluetooth hat its the second time this new piece has been used previously in the discovery set, It allows you to connect your creation via the app and also help you discover many more building possibilities.

The app helps unlock a child’s creative juices as it allows you to remotely control the robot you have designed. The app also allows you to inject a personality with the new personality swap app which is a new feature that allows you to program what the blocks do such as the flashlight cubelet from a solid light into a flashing light for example. Which intern helps children learn basic code.

Overall, The curiosity set says it’s based for 4 years plus but I feel both children and adults can use this to make robots and also learn basic coding. My only issue and it was the same with the discovery set is the cost I feel at just under £200 which seems a bit expensive for what you have. However, if you can look past the cost what you have here is a great product that has taken a very good set in the discovery set and made it even better with 10 of the best blocks all in one pack such as the Brightness cubelet, flashlight cubelet and drive cubelets.

You can really spend hours making new creations and with the cubelets app, you can code the robots you make to do different things which help to learn as well as having fun and like i mentioned my eldest son loved these playing with these which gives these a thumbs up from me.

Go and buy these and get the fun and learning hand in hand. Costs $249.95 (£191)  and is available from

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