Review: Crave Curve Bluetooth Speaker

Stephen Watson
March 10, 2020

The Crave Curve Bluetooth Speaker costs $99/ £76 from 

Here at What Mobile, we get to review lots of speakers from the likes of JBL to Urbanista and many more in between.  In this review, we look at a speaker from US Brand Crave and they have provided us with the Crave Curve Bluetooth speaker. 

This speaker is a wireless speaker that is designed to be great to be used at home or outside for example if you’re having a garden party or your just chilling down the beach this speaker is a good option to consider. Costing $99.99/ £76 from the Crave website but also available from Amazon.  

The main features of this speaker are:

  • Built-in Speakerphone
  • Built-in Microphone 
  • Enhanced Bass
  • Curved design to improve sound quality.
  • 10-hour battery
  • 2x 10-watt speakers.

This speaker is made from aluminium and is a curved design to help spread the sound and allow you to enjoy rocking out to this speaker at a party. The front of the speaker is all grill with the Crave logo printed on the front. 

 This speaker is quite basic in design it has two rubber feet on the base and on the rear of the speaker it has a Micro-USB charge cable and a port for the 3.5 mm AUX. 

On top of the speaker is where you will find the 4 buttons that make the control panel and the buttons have the standard controls you see on most Bluetooth speaker such as

  • Power/ Bluetooth connection
  • Play/Pause
  • Volume increase/ Track control  
  • Volume decrease/ Track control

The speaker is also lightweight that allows you to carry the speaker wherever you want to take it and the size of this speaker is 7.87 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches. The battery is also 2000 mAh which offers 10 hours of playtime and also comes with fast charging. The Bluetooth range is 20 meters/66ft and uses Bluetooth 5.0  allowing you to not need to be near the speaker all the time which is perfect when you’re having a party.  

Other features this speaker has is the built-in speaker allowing you to take a call via the speaker however you can only answer or cut calls off via your phone which was a little disappointing I would have liked to have been able to answer a call by just pressing a button on the speaker.  

Moving on to the sound quality of this speaker the partner trick of this speaker is the enhanced bass that gives you a deep thumping bass due to the double sound drivers built-in to this speaker. The overall sound was very clear even when the volume is increased to the max and the sound quality does not get affected.    

Overall, this speaker provides a decent sound quality for the cost it’s on the edge of the budget/mid-range price bracket but does not act as a budget speaker in regards to sound quality and Bluetooth range. I was also impressed with the battery life at 10 hours you can take this speaker to the beach or the park and its likely to last longer than my iPhone. 

If you are looking for a great budget speaker with very simple controls but a long-range Bluetooth signal this is the speaker for you.

The Crave Curve Bluetooth Speaker costs $99/ £76 from 


  • Design- 5 Stars
  • Features – 3- Stars
  • Performance – 4 stars
  • User-Friendly- 5 Stars
  • Value for Money – 5 stars

Overall rating- 4.4 stars

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