Review: Clckr Grip & Stand Case

Stephen Watson
March 22, 2020

Here at What Mobile, we are sent many different phone cases from a number of brands but lots are very similar so how do you stand out from the crowd? 

Well, the brand CLCKR have come up with a cool new case design that is perfect for those taking selfies or simply watching a video on the train.  

This phone case comes many different styles such as:

  • Clear case with a black CLCKR
  • Clear Case with a rose gold CLCKR
  • Black Fabric case with CLCKR
  • A number of different designs via the Adidas collection.

In this review, we got the clear case with black CLCKR. Costing €29.99 via clckr or Amazon websites.  This case is available for any iPhone you have such as the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Don’t have an iPhone, not an issue they also have cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 & Note 8. Got another type of Android phone you can buy a CLCKR attachment and just stick it to the back of your phone case. 

This case is drop tested up to 2 meters/6.6 feet which is handy if you drop your phone or it falls off the kitchen side your phone will be safe as the case is also slightly raised around the screen meaning it will provide some much-needed protection. The phone case is also compatible with wireless charging.

What makes this case stand out is the multifunctional stand/holder. This allows for a one-handed selfie, one-handed texting. It also doubles up as a stand and can be used both vertically or horizontally which is great for if you are making a video call or just watching your favourite show on the train.  

This type of case is an excellent design and something so simple is so effective. What a great product for anyone whether you use your phone for taking selfies or just using your phone on the train. 

CLCKR also works with Adidas to create a range of cases with that sports feel.

At €29.99 it’s worth every penny available from

Product Review: 5 Stars!

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