Review: Annke 4k NVR Security Camera

Stephen Watson
January 14, 2020

Annke 4K NVR Security Camera – Sold Separately for £89.00 or the 4 camera kit £399

In this latest review, we will be looking at another security camera this time from Annke. We have only been sent a single camera which was a little disappointing as I am aware this is part of a 4 camera kit that is available it would have been beneficial to have been able to test the whole kit but not a deal-breaker.

The camera is for outdoor use and is IP67 rated meaning it can handle all outdoor conditions from extreme cold -22 degrees to 140 degrees.

The camera itself offers ultra 4K HD quality and gives you a 120-degree field of view and comes with an H.265 video recording witch is 7x longer than the previous H.264 that was overwise available.

The camera also allows for night vision and gives you quality vision at night up to 100ft according to the manufacturer. The camera also comes with EXIR night vision allowing for a better quality image at night via IR adjustment meaning it will provide better quality image even in low visibility areas. 

This camera can also be connected to a POE system and can be plugged in via the ethernet cable that will not only allow for a video signal to be received but also powers the camera. This camera has also motion detection via email alerts or via alerts via the app as long as you have accepted push notifications.   

This camera also has ONVIF protocol meaning it can be connected to other IP connected camera as I only had one I connected it to my D-Link camera kit I have reviewed recently. As mentioned I feel this review would have gone better if I was sent the full kit but that is just a small issue I have with this review.

Inside the box, You have a drill template, CD with software for the camera this was a small issue for me as I normally use a Chromebook that does not have a CD drive so I had to use my PC instead. You also get a quick guide and some weatherproof covers and mounting screws. 

The camera itself comes in white with a metal base and the camera has the lens on the right and the EXIR LED on the left. The camera also comes with a POE ethernet cable and a 12 volt PC option if you are not using a POE. In this review, we did not use the POE option.

The major negative to this camera is there is no built-in Mic so audio with this camera is not possible and this for me is a game-changer as not having audio is a major issue when it comes to security being able to hear what is happening when an alert happens or even being able to use a 2-way mic like in the recent D-link review pushes this camera down the order for me when it comes to security options.

The camera also comes with pixel-based motion detection which can lead to a lot of false alerts. This is also another reason why you might want to consider other security options. 

The performance of this camera was also a mixed bag for me fast-moving items that appear on the camera where distorted at points but I was able to see if there was a disturbance up to 50 feet away in daylight and 45 feet in night vision.  

To view the footage via the app was very easy to do you can download the Annke Vision app on either Andriod or IOS. Once downloaded and set up with the camera it was very responsive in regards to getting live footage but you are unable to change any settings of the camera via the app. 

So overall if you do not mind having a camera that is very basic but does offer a good quality image both during the day and especially at night this camera worth considering but if audio is important to you when recording your security footage. I also found the motion detection of this camera to be a little too much as it seemed to pick everything up from a tree moving to a leaf moving into its path of view I would know about it.  The Annke 4K camera sold separately costs €¦ but if you was to buy the full kit it would cost €¦

Hit or Miss? 

Personally, for the cost and the fact, a brand like D-link offer better security options with audio. Am sorry but the Annke 4k HD camera has made a mistake not adding 2-way audio meaning this camera is a miss.

Annke 4K NVR Security Camera – Sold Separately for £89.00 or the 4 camera kit £399

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