Review: Adonit Note+ Stylus – The best yet?

Stephen Watson
December 10, 2019

The Adonit Note+ stylus – £62.50 via Amazon

Here at What Mobile, we have reviewed a number of stylus pens from Adonit but we think the latest Note+ takes the stylus to the next level.

The Adonit Note+ costs £62.50 via Amazon and could be the closet we have tested to an Apple Pen The note+ offers features such as pressure and tilt support as well as shortcut buttons for customizable control. This pen is only compatible with the following devices:

  • iPad 3rd gen or Higher
  • iPad Air 3rd Gen or Higher
  • iPad 6th or 7th Gen or Newer
  • iPad mini 5th Gen or Newer  

This stylus is connected via Bluetooth but you must disconnect other pens that are linked to your iPad. Design-wise this pen looks very well built very well and the pen is very sturdy in design. The pen has the charge port which is USB-C at the top of the pen you get 10 hours of charge. Slightly under you have the Adonit logo. Then you have a small LED and then 2 buttons finishing with the tip.

The pen feels very nice in the hand and when using the stylus you get no lag time which is very beneficial and the overall experience is very comfortable.

A feature of using this pen is the natural palm rejection which is a great feature meaning if you rest your hand on the screen you won’t make a mark with your palm.  Another benefit is if you happen to wear out the tip after regular use then the tip can be replaced. The tip is 1 mm which means its the most precise yet.

As mentioned this stylus also supports a number of design apps such as:

  • Concepts
  • MeniBang Paint
  • Artstudio Pro
  • Zen Brush 2
  • Animation Desk
  • Coloured Pencil
  • Sketch Club

A feature of this pen is the pressure sensitivity the manufacturer says there over 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity. I have been known as being left-handed to put extra pressure on the pens as this stylus does a good job of handling that extra pressure. You can also use the stylus for shading making it ideal for an artist. 

Moving on to the shortcut buttons. You might want to set up an eraser feature for when mistakes happen and this is a great idea. However, it is only available on certain apps. Other shortcuts include show colour wheel, tool setup. Perfect for the artist or graphic designer in the family.

Overall, the Note+ is a very precise stylus and with the 1mm tip be very careful.  This stylus as mentioned is ideal for someone in the world of art and design. I feel it could be a little too developed for everyday use.

If you are buying this stylus features such as pressure sensitivity, tilt support and having the shortcut buttons using this in the art and design sector is perfect. Also having 10 hours of battery power meaning you get continue use so no need to stop when you’re making your artwork.

If I had to look for some negatives I would say you can only use this stylus on a number of new iPads.  It won’t work on an iPhone even the massive iPhone 11 Pro Max. Another small issue is the features like the shortcut buttons and tilt support only works with certain apps.

As long as you have a new iPad and love doing art then this stylus is for you otherwise look elsewhere and Adonit has a stylus to suit your needs.

The Adonit Note+ stylus – £62.50 via Amazon

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