Review: 1More True Wireless ANC in-Ear Headphones

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August 26, 2020

The 1More True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones – £169.99 from Amazon

When the guys at 1MORE said they had some new products for you to review I must say I got a little excited. Then they arrived with the 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones, 1MORE Colorbuds & 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Pro Wireless Headphones, and that excitement was justified.

In this review, I am testing the 1More True Wireless ANC that costs £169.99 from Amazon. On first impressions, it makes sense why they won the IF Design Award 2019 – everything about these buds screams premium. I have always said if products from this brand were twice the price you would still snap them up in a heartbeat.

What I love about this brand is the little things. You open the box and you get some lovely graphics about some of the main features of these buds and this sort of presentation really stands out in this industry.

You also get a ton of different accessories that allow you to mix and match for the perfect fit which is a nice touch. You are given three pairs of silicone ear tips (XS, S, L) 3x pairs of a different shape of silicone ear tips, and three pairs of silicone ear grips (XS, S, L). You also get a carrying pouch, user guide and USB-C charging cable.

Once you get past admiring the presentation and accessories the earbuds sound great and also fit in my ears perfectly. As mentioned, 1MORE give you lots of different size tips to allow for a better fit if what is on the buds doesn’t fit.

Some of the features include:

  • 22 hour playtime/65 hour standby

  • aptX/AAC High-quality Bluetooth audio

  • Smart Voice Control

  • Wireless charging

  • Active Noise Cancellation

  • Passthrough mode.

ANC is something 1MORE has done very well here and the passthrough mode allows you to listen to music but still able to hear what’s happening around you. You can also listen to just one bud if you want. The buds have a mixture button and touch control and here a list of commands:

Play/Pause- double click on either bud

Next Track – Press and hold right button for 2 secs

Previous Track- Press and Hold the left button for 2secs

Volume increase- click right bud once

Volume decrease- Click left bud once

Answer/End Call – Press and hold for 2 secs

Activate voice control of phone – click 3 times when Bluetooth and no playback.

As mentioned you also have a touch control but that is just for the ANC and as you have 4 functions:

  • ANC level 1 – Suitable for plane travel or tube

  • ANC level 2- Suitable for noisy environments like a shopping centre or a busy road.

  • Pass through- Perfect for when you want to hear what is around you but still enjoy music at the same time.

  • ANC Off.

I have found using the controls to be very simple and easy to remember what all the buttons do. Just note when you use just one bud you do limit the number of controls available. You will also notice that when you pair the buds the next time you use them they will automatically pair and this did work 99% of the time and if on the times it did not work just press the play button and this will turn them on manually.

The batteries of these buds offer six hours of playback but if you’re using ANC it will be a little less. The charging case then also offers an additional 16 hours which was more than enough for a good week of use for my travel to work and back. The design of the case is also very slick and professional looking and also not that big so it will slip into your pocket with ease.

In regards to the ANC, you have two levels. The first drowns out up to 35db of outside noise and the other level gives you just 20db reduction. Most users will most likely just use the first option but it’s good to have it available. I had them when I made a trip to London last week and 99% of the time the ANC really did help reduce any outside noise and allowed me to enjoy my music.

In terms of audio quality, you will notice an overall better sound when you keep the ANC on. You got a strong bass along with a warm sound signature that never becomes too much when listening to something with a strong bass like Alice Merton’s “No Roots”. However, turn the ANC off and you will notice a difference: you get more of a neutral sound signature that is loud with clear vocals. What you miss out on is the bass, which seems to have lost 50% of its punch which really does affect the overall sound quality. So my advice is if you want an overall better sound quality keep ANC on but you will find a reduction in battery life so it’s a choice that needs to be made.

These earbuds also have built-in microphones that really pick up my whole conversation and when I asked the person I spoke to what the call quality was like they had no complaints.

Would I buy these? 

1More has packed in a lot of great things with these buds with a lot of great features, and also offers things like wireless charging that really does make life easier when it comes to charging these buds. Price-wise at £169.99, I would say they are worth the money as they support both Aptx & AAC codecs. However, the most important factor is the sound quality which will split some people. When ANC is switched on you will love everything about the sound however turn ANC off and they feel a little flat to me. This is simply because you lose a lot of the bass. So if you are happy to keep the ANC on then these are worth buying for sure.

Product Ratings: 

Design- 5 Stars

Features- 5 Stars

Audio Quality- 4 Stars

User Friendly -5 Stars

Value for Money -5 stars

Overall Rating- 4.8 Stars

I really wanted to give these buds full marks but with the mixed bag on the audio quality, they still get a strong 4.8 stars!

The 1More True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones – £169.99 from Amazon

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