Review: 1More Piston Fit Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Stephen Watson
September 9, 2019

Available from Amazon for £29.99

1More is a brand that over the last 18 months we have seen a number of different products from this brand and this time they have created a budget pair of In-Ear Headphones that cost £29.99 and come with 10mm titanium dynamic drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 and waterproof design but can 1More keep the fantastic sound profile in this budget pair of headphones. 

In the box you get the following:

  • Piston Fit Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 3 Sets of Additional Ear Tips (XS / S / L)
  • Manual
  • Product Catalogue
  • 1MORE Bear Sticker

Design-wise 1More have held onto the aluminium alloys and have combined with a lot of plastic which you expect for the price and they have also kept the magnet to let the buds connect to each other when not in use but around your neck. It’s a nice touch but its not something to get too excited about as a lot of companies are doing the same.

1More has also created these headphones that are lightweight as they only weigh 18 grams the only disappointing factor is they only come in the colour black I would have preferred some options.

What I love about 1More is the attention to detail and even with the budget piston fit, they have kept hold of the 45 degree angled nozzles that lay perfectly in the ear for extended use and also create a level of noise isolation and most importantly comfort. 

The 1more piston fit headphones are also IPX4 rated which means its water resistance which is great if it starts to rain and your on your way to work and also protects against sweat when you’re in the gym.

Controls wise on these headphones they are quite basic as you would expect with 1 multi-function button that houses the power, Play/Pause & Smart Assistant activation. You can also use this button to change the tracks.  You also then get a volume up and volume down buttons. 

Also on to controls, you have an LED status that gives you an indication of when the power turned on/off and also pairing indication. Finally on the side of the controls is the charge point where is 60 minutes you can fully charge your headphones.

Other features you get are security pairing which personally I find a little pointless as you have to add the code (0000) not very secure in my eyes. You also get out of wireless connection range meaning if they are out of range they will switch off automatically.

Sound-wise is where we get to see if they cut the grade from what we are used to with 1more. Overall its good news they are not perfect but for the price am happy. Bass wise they are clear and have a good punch however the range does roll off a bit at times but for the price its if you like less invasive bass you will be very happy. As for the Mids, you get a warm midrange and the vocals on songs like Michael Buble 1more give you a crisp sound you might expect in some of the more expensive models in the range.

The highs and treble are what I liked the most they are pleasant, bright and tons of detail and smooth sounds make these a joy to listen to and why 1more is a brand that just nails the audio quality no matter what they produce expensive or cheap like the Piston fit we are reviewing.

What makes these surprisingly good for the cost is the sound isolation and its quite good its cuts most outside sound but a user will notice some awareness from your soundings without affecting the sound.

Overall, These headphones on looks won’t blow you away but for the audio quality, you might be forgotten they cost only £29.99 as they are very good considering the cost.  You get a decent bass with fab mids, highs and vocals. You also get Bluetooth 5.0 with a 10-meter range and that IPX4 rating does protect your headphones even if I would have wished for a better rating. So for a pair of headphones with 8 hours of battery, a quality sound you got a decent pair of budget headphones you get a nice try from 1more and at £29.99 I would happily use these as my backup pair of headphones or as my everyday headphones if on a budget.  

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